Tuesday, November 7

I deleted the last two posts 'cause I couldn't look at the faces of Bush and Saddam anymore

Let's see what is left of the backbone of this precious country tonight ...
Did you vote today and got a kick of a false sense of Democracy?
Ok, I hate the Dems and all of their political establishment. But just for fair game, the Repukes need to be defeated today. If evil comes to mind, Republicans presently trump the card.
All are soo, so irritated about homosexual incrustations into society while ignoring that the Dems and the Reps are a happy gay couple - a sickening copulation of "same gender jerks". Nevertheless, the Repubs must go, they screwed up on too many issues to count. We'll give them a hand to be silent for a while. Not that this outcome will be better or a staging point towards a "new world of understanding" - the old will remain, and Bush in his last two years will definitely exercise his lunatic program of foreign policy and interior inadequacy without major obstacles from any political party. That's how it goes - here in the USA. (though I thought it was a cute gesture of reconciliation of Bush to fire Rumsfled as a result of Democratic victory).
But even if the Dems win both houses (which they will not) the continuous story of feeding the hungry mouths of the cooperations that make this globe turn around will remain the same.
Ahh, politics deadly boring if you think of it.
So why do I care?
Basic interest in the evolution of human consciousness I suppose, and a curiosity if ever a plural political system will take hold here in the US during my lifetime, sort of the fundamental concept of democracy.


Windypops said...

I was going to ask about that. Enjoyed the anti-Bush article. Is that an actual campaign poster? Quite cool if it is. Though they're still clearly the enemies of mankind.

Maliha said...

I am loving your pics...the one of fall below and the one of your mom's neighborhood.

I hope Dems take back something; I am holding on to hope for overall betterment, even while it's irrational.

Zee said...

Hope is a good thing Maliah - it keeps you swimming upstream like a Salmon.

Zee said...

Windy - you have a new daughter to take care of, what a blessing! None of this anal political stuff on her butt.

badgerupyours said...

What a nice Nazi poster that is.

Kudos my fellow republicans !

You've read your very own
copies of "Mein Kampf"
I wager/Live&Learn
from yer masters.

Zee said...

glad you like my choice of graphics badger, what more can I say at this moment

badgeruptheirs said...

I do like your choice of graphics
as I hope you will yet learn
to like my graphic voice
actually you deserve
a current digicam.
What happened
to Helena's
Leica btw ?
Lemme guess
U sold it
for $99

nazislam said...

K it's 2:10 EST and I'm going to bed for the day.

Game's over outcome = as I said it would be - completely meaningless as far as that sorry xcuse for a prez is concerned.

Still on a personal level I'm
happy with 2 silver linings I like:

Nancy Pelosi who I love as a person finally got to where she belongs
Boy will she give them a gauntlet for their money

Then Arnold glided across the demise of his own party
like he was sitting on silkworms,
see ! That's how he'll become Prez
They'll amend for him in a jiffy.

He'll fight the NYC Dembitch
and win he will.2 terms.

First it'll be McCaine's call though - he'll win 08 and so finally be the war prez after all
he should've been the last 6 yrs.
One term only I predict.

Nite nite Merryca wherever u are.

NYC Taxi Shots said...

vote for who

Jeans Pants said...

I looked this Bush Character up with my internets and I used the Google. He seems really nice and a nice guy deserves my vote....FALSE! I love your site so far. Looking forward to reading more =0)

Octavian said...

True. The two party system was never even intended for this country. But if I had to chose, and I did, I chose the Democrats.
My only hope is that they will pull things together long enough for people who really want to make a change to come along!

Zee said...

I'm with you Octacian - musing at the same wavelength.

Zee said...

the Leica is still around.
Did you know that I have also 3 Nikon SLR's with an array of lenseshanging around, a Yashica medium format and a darkroom with two enlargers and two sinks? Did you know that I still sometimes work for the results and actually spend hours to produce a somewhat decent print with silver crystals included?
No you didn't. 'cause your fat ass lives in Vienna without a darkroom, and however - the majesty couldn't ever be bothered to mix chemicals.
As for "digital" - it's good enough for my blog and a few other "errands".
So there.

Caco said...

Your perspective is quite interesting. It is never too late for changes and it seems that you are taking your chances in a better future in your country. Go for it.