Thursday, November 16

crumble and decay

A kiln in the middle of the woods falling to peaces, a bridge that will become oblivious if not maintained. Just images I know. How are we holding up as humans I wonder? I received an email from a friend of mine yesterday, he lives in Europe. He made a good point. To put it blunt and short: Europe is not a nation! The present loss of identity due to economic preferences of companies supported by bone-head politicians become the stumbling stone of decay for European countries. So you may say: What do I care?
Well perhaps you should. I hate to preach in an "Eurocentric tone" but today I will. If Europe brakes, the rest of civilization will crumble just like the lime kiln in the posted picture. After all, for the last 1000 years or so all impulses of furtherment - good and bad - originated from there; not from Africa, not from India, not from the Middle East, not from the Americas. Did I leave out the Southern Hemisphere?

So lets skew our thoughts for a moment to the present decaying empire, the USA - stuck in the Middle East, overcome by Japan economically (Toyota has now become the number one car maker in the world and made 3 billion profit while Ford lost about the same amount during the last fiscal year) so thereby and by many more examples I could list the US will be soon hopelessly shoved into a corner of it's own survival. Not good. What the heck does that have anything to do with Europe you might ask? Well it does because the present empire was build on European roots. So when the baby has no more milk to nibble from the mothers breast, the sibling dies. If Europe goes, the US will follow.

And as far as I am concerned this is already the case, it is already happening.
And again, as my friend pointed out, Europe is not a country - but rather an agglomeration of unique nations that have now been destroyed by the greed of commerce and the call for globalization.
What a pity.


Cynnie said...

careful dear Zee..
the mega Pentecostal people will start saying that you're preaching about the end of days..
I was raised holy roller..i consider myself an expert on religious bullshit

Zee said...

Thanks Cynnie for the warning - but I do like to be controversial at times, it's my second nature.

reverb said...

...zee, is a good point
I need to think more about that to have an opinion...

Latin America IS NOT one Country too

Zee said...

I know Reverb - people often find it convenient to throw half of a continent into one big pot, just because they are too lazy to learn about the distinctions ...