Saturday, November 18

final touch

Today was the last session when my students came to work on their alabaster stones. Next block for this high school I'm working for will be modeling portraits in clay, starting in January.

The other news of "art/teaching endevours" is that the college I had been involved with for the last ten years is scrapping or limiting their art programs to a bare minimum, because of budget constraints - that leaves me basically out of their picture. But through this change new horizons arise.
I will from now on open my studio much more than ever, offer weekend courses, accept free spirited individuals who would like to study with their own pace or schedule in mind, offer summer courses ... you name it!
For this I don't need a desk person, a treasurer, three copy machines with two clerks, an enrollment coordinator, a development person plus secretary, a registrar, an administrator and a summer program manager. And I certainly don't need a president to pull this off. Did I forget all the book-keepers needed to keep track of the people above, and then the ones who keep track of the book - keepers?
Perhaps Colleges need all this ... and more. But I don't!
So my aim is to give people from all walks of life an opportunity to experience and learn about sculpture for the fraction of cost compared to regular institutions.
How does that sound?


reverb said...

...well, sounds good for me

if I live there, may be we can had merged some of our work and developed many artistic ideas...

good luck

PS: now I posted a recently board with wooden fins
and a "pollock" type of art

Zee said...

Thanks Reverb,
I was stinkingly lazy to visit other blogs these days, but I will definitely check out yours!

calamity said...

it sounds wonderful i'm in :P

it's nice that you're using this opportunity i wish you all the best

Madcap said...

Yes. To hell with bureaucracy and forms and protocol. Live like a free man as much as humanly possible. And don't forget the chickens!

Ingrid said...

Too bad you're not closer to me, I'd sign up in an instance!

Zee said...

Ok Madcap, I will not forget the chickens :)
Ingrid - come for a summer course!