Wednesday, November 22


the killing game

Now that assassinations from people who please to blow themselves up has gained an all time popularity, I start to wonder who these people actually are who sacrifice their lives for causes that in my view are unattainable with such actions.
Personally I'd rather would fight with a sword in my hand for my convictions if I was pressed to do so instead of blowing up my body in a market place, exploding in a waiting line of day-time workers, blow up innocent children and woman at a bus stop. It's easy to preach for me from the security of a keyboard, but heck - nevertheless all suicide bombers deserve their destiny, namely being first tickled to insanity by 17 virgins before they are thrown to eternal hell.

who is the assassin - a person from Assyria?

Yeah so what now, Who is to blame?
You believe it is the Christian right - right?
But brave Muslims are on top of the the "killing game", obviously for now. Do I care?
Oh, in case you don't recognize the person on the image to the left, be aware of that Lebanon is now observing the first of three days of mourning in memory of Pierre Gemayel, the Maronite Christian politician assassinated in Beirut on Tuesday. Perhaps the plot of a Buddhist freak or a lonesome lunatic who has escaped the asylum; wouldn't surprise me - hahahah!
I shed tears for Lebanon because it is presently the only country in that region of the world that I care for. Why? Because it has potential for a bright future, and it is also a beautiful place once you clean up the thousands of cluster bombs Israel dropped there!
So anyhow, what's up with that "killing game" then?
Yes, blowing yourself up or using assassinations is a fairly drastic means of self-development I would say. I also wonder if such a method is purely an Arabic pastime or just an other religious ceremony by devotees stuck in Mohammed's oriental delicately weaved carpet?
You tell me.


Mone said...

I think personally that Pals can never win by force. They are doing some damage but never will they succeed like that.
Blowing yourself up, in my opinion, has its root in religion..It is an easy way out.
Ghandi was more effective in throwing the brits out by fasting. Fasting is a non violent approach but in my opinion much harder. It will take you many days to loose consciousness and your body parts will stop slowly and gradually.
If they lined up next to the border and fasted all together, I assure you they will draw more support from all over the world. Imagine 200 lined up and dying then another 200 then another... but that is too long for them I guess...just blow up and go to heaven :(

Cynnie said...

What really gets me going , is that The fundamentalists are exactly like the people Bush is getting all our troops killed over.

Abortion clinic bombers ?
they're fundamentalist..but killing their own countrymen..
Thats even worse .
Bush and his people can cry its for democracy all they want ..

I KNOW it's a religious war..
I KNOW that both sides are exactly alike.

reverb said...

there re no religion wars
never in history
this is the fake for us the people

check history
war is for power (now money too, in the past gold)
because is exactly like most animals species
the mankind have some instict on their own
and when somebody is on the top of the power (like bush, Mao, etc)this situations always arrive

L. said...

I can see your point Reverb ... and I can see Cynnies. Probably there is truth to both of them.

Mirvat said...

even lebanese political analysts don't know who killed the guy. HA is not to benefit from this. this has nothing to do with a religious struggle. the lebanese political families are like the mafia. i really wouldn't simplify the situation in that manner. it's almost misleading zee as it is to tie it to what's happening in iraq or in palestine. the people who are completely unaware of our regional politics might be mislead. like cynnie there.
read what jij has to say about this. is another good blog.

Zee said...

...nobody seems to benefit from this Mirvat!
The reason why I often oversimplify is for a purpose, namely to pound awareness into complex issues that otherwise would stay stranded. This is the only viable method I know ... at least in cyberworld.
So then you come along and make distinctions - GOOD! Had I not provoked, you probably would have never bothered ...

palo-girl said...

i think that a couple of years back, being both a palestinian and a muslim, i would've had a lot to say about this. but now i just don't know! i won't discuss Gemayel's death because i really don't know the story. but suicide bombings is definately a topic that gives me a headache. i don't know how it is associated with islam... there were no suicides in the earlky days of islam. suicide bombings are definately a new addition. when we first started hearing about it, we used to think that it was 'the last straw' - people doing the only thing they can. many muslim scholars said that, in that case, it is not prohibited. but im just not so sure now. the numbers of suicide bombings are rising, and so many of them just have no result whatsoever. for example, a 57 yr old woman blew herself up the other day, and she only wounded 3 soldiers! give my life away to wound 3 soldiers? why? i just think that there's so many things that she could have done with her life... she could build schools - or make a classroom in her house. she could shelter the orphans. she could have helped out those who suffered in the Beit Hanoon massacre. but, there as we say in arabic, "i say this with my feet in cold water." i don't know what they're going through... they suffer so much. i, personally, wouldn't encourage a suicide bombing - it would be too much of a risk.. what if my intentions weren't pure? what if i was just asking for a way out? i wouldn't want to risk even a minute in hell.

i dont think that is either arabic nor religious - it is something brought about by the situation. and if it results in the death of innocent lives then it is most definately wrong... oh well. who am i to talk?

Zee said...

Forgive my bluntness Palo, but Palestine resembles a death camp run by Israelis.
I can understand that people become irrational and blow themselves up. But is it going to do any good? No!
So yes, I agree with your pondering.

Zee said...

...with one exception I do differ Palo: It is only Muslims and Arabs who blow themselves up and commit suicide massacres. Now it's up to you to differentiate between Muslims and Arabs or Muslim-Arabs ... solely up to you.

Mirvat said...

zee, listen to the chomsky lecture i linked on my blog. and i wanted to make the distinction because in the case of pierre's killing, it had nothing to do with islam, suicide bombing.. it's strict internal lebanese godfather style politics.

Zee said...

Mirvat, that's why I made a distinction between suicide killings and assassinations in my post ... the later being the fate of Gemayel.
Localized deadly violence seems to be a phenomena in Middle Eastern states that fall more often than not into these two categories above, other than in certain African countries were large scale genocide is on the daily agenda ...