Tuesday, November 21


Today the world is too crazy and it gets more and more difficult to keep track of all that is going on. I feel remorse for that assassination that happened in Lebanon, makes that country even more fragile than it already is.
My thoughts are not "positive" and gravitate more towards dusk rather than dawn -
There might be a chilling beauty to be found in the dark, but there is wonder and rejuvenation in the promise of light to come.


Gary said...

I hear you...

Keep watching the light too Zee.

I get up before dawn each morning and watch the light arrive. Yesterday there was a young buck standing in our yard, just below the kitchen window. I watched until he moved silently across the field into the forest.

Zee said...

God damn it, you are beautiful Gary!
Your lines remind me to calm down - thanks!!!

Ingrid said...

I know you've been frustrated for a while and this is just the place to be yourself and express it any which way you want. Like you, I can feel so angry, frustrated, or hopeless that this ^%$#^ never will end but then I am pulled back into my own reality by either of my kids who ask/need my immediate attention. Like Gary says, keep an eye for the 'light', whatever that may mean for you because you can feel more and more cynical and/or hopeless by this ever present and continuing madness,
keep some faith Zee, you need that part too to be an artist,

palo-girl said...

but what about when you can't feel the promise of light to come? what happens when it only gets darker?
i have always had the positive bug, but it just fades away everytime i hear the news. nearly 4000 people died in Iraq in October, more than the 3,500 in July. where does it stop?

Zee said...

I don't know "where it stops" Palo - Iraq is and will be a disaster during my lifetime no matter what happens. Withdrawal of US troops or not, it doesn't matter. The harm is already done.

Yes Ingrid, I'm trying not to be gloomy but see the light. Thanks for your kind words!