Saturday, November 4


So OK, I forgot to take my cheap (outdated) peace of digital camera along to Switzerland. Bad me. What to do? Got an even cheaper throw away camera, one of those things you feel stupid about to bring back to a processing agent. Anyhow, here are some fuzzy pics to illustrate my stay and my home town.

this crossing I had to be at 7:00 to be picked up to go to school
a mile above you have the Schlosshof
a view of the neighborhood where my mom lives
the Goetheanum, a majestic site

Ah,I don't feel like to make the text right, arrange it properly under every picture. Use your imagination instead.

If you have questions about the "organic" designs of these buildings and why they were done this way, go ahead and ask me. I will try my best to give you an answer.
Other than that, I wish to everyone a splendid and terrific weekend!

(as with all pics on my blog, you just click on them to see them bigger if you are so inclined. Almost all pictures I took here are my own, there are a few exceptions. My pictures can be freely distributed, copied or whatever... )


Cym said...

Nice pictures. They're actually pretty good, considering you used a cheap throw away camera. It looks very peaceful there. Clean air? Quiet? I really like that Goetheanum building. It has a very harmonious feel to it. Have any pictures of its interior?

_z. said...

yeah zee what's up with the angular gaudi constructions. I mean I thought Gaudi was crazy enough, but why go organic and the make the corners angular? is it just because it is easier to build?

Ingrid said...

it looks like a beautiful place with personality. Personality (we know) goes a long way. See how 'cheap cameras' can still perform fine?

Zee said...

I will get back to you all with more specifics, promise! Thanks for the inquiries and comments.

Gary said...

Glad you had a safe and intersting trip. Hope mom's good.

Great photos.

Jeans Pants said...

These are incredible as well.=0)