Friday, December 1

a grey Friday

... this Friday might be a decisive day in Lebanon's present history.

Since I don't understand all the delicate veins and chaotic political issues at hand, the only thing I can do is radiate positive thoughts to ALL people of Lebanon instead of taking sides openly. May their future be blessed with clarity and love for their country!

Hezbollah has urged its supporters to start a massive protest today in Beirut until its demands are met, which burns down to topple Siniora's presidency.
Mr Siniora's government "has proven it is incompetent and has failed to fulfil its promises and achieve anything significant," Mr Nasrallah has said. "We appeal to all Lebanese, from every region and political movement, to take part in a peaceful and civilised demonstration on Friday to rid us of an incapable government," he said.

With a certain portion of cynicism I watch Nasrallah make his moves.
Was the 33 days of war this summer with Israel to be the outcome of this? The "Syrian coalition" walked out of the Lebanese parliament not long ago, basically giving up power. Now they wish not only to regain strength, but achieve a position as a majority in order to be able to veto any legislation that would come from the "Anti Syrian" government in power.
To say it gently, it's a bloody mess. For the Lebanese people to solely blame Israel in this situation would be a fatal error in my eyes. It would catapult the issue beyond reach of personal investment of reconciliation towards the country they love.
How to solve this? I have no clue. Lebanon: Be strong, whatever the outcome!


Dirk_Star said...


Madcap said...

A mess is right. It's hard to make heads or tails of it all. I fervently wish them well.

_z. said...

zee thank you for your kind words. These are the claws of a cornered cat. Let's hope no blood will come out of this.

Zee said...

Blood _Z?
I think it is your bloody soil that is at stake.

Yes, a big mess Madcap!

DA said...

Be strong indeed. And f^%# Bush!

palo-girl said...

aah.. we wish them all the best. and who knows what that is?

Zee said...

exactly Palo, .... who knows what that is!

_z. said...

since the beginning of time Lebanese (Phoenicians) were excellent commerce ppl... now...they sell their country!

Zee said...

this sounds god damn depressing _Z! Please email me if you feel like it.