Wednesday, December 20

What kind of bones are we going to carry over into the New Year?
One scull was previously only munching grass, the other one was a carnivore. Can you notice the difference? You might have to enlarge the pic to see it. I found them in the meadows of my back yard, not perfect but they both are still beautiful. I love bones!
Oh, where was I ? Yes ... what kind of bones, that's right. No, that wasn't it. It was about meadow eaters and meat eaters - wasn't it? So what is society and civilization going to do next year - are they going to eat each other up in violent moves or graze in peace side by side? ... a terrible question, I know!

( oh yes, I am going to do that "Happy Christmas Post" in due time, don't worry)


lindsaylobe said...

I dont know -here are few random thougts !!

Dry Bones

Bones of skeletons is here
Terror of tenure was based on fear
Wayward ways it's memory detests
Alarms and Sirens sounds distress

Enlightenment the pilgrim did discuss
Once great land revive freedom thou must
Deathly great spirit, liberties past
Wisdom to seek a truth at last

Trade mercy instead of bloodshed
Freedoms expression , thoughts instead
Human spirit, trade new ideas
Liberty replace human fears

reverb said...

...the innocent ones?

Zee said...

I actually really like this poem Lindsay. Did you just make it up on the spot, or was it stashed in your "archives"???

lindsaylobe said...

-on the spot- your post made me think of of a response in the midst of the buzz of the office scene - so I paused to reflect on the image -(apologies to my employer who pays my wages )- to record words from the heart - I felt moved by the images - best wishes
PS -like it or not you are moved by the spirit of goodwill to all humanity !11

Madcap said...

All the bones come with us, but what flesh do we knit onto those bones? That's the question I'm asking myself lately. Once I've stripped it all down to the bone, how do I re-create something unlike the original? A lot of possibilities in bones.

Gary said...

The one on the right looks meat eatery - big teeth sticking up. BUt what is it? My brother Monty collects found skulls (from mice to bears) and has a nice batch.

Civilization will be omnivore for a long time to come - grazing madly and sometimes on each other...

Mone said...

Progress of civilization is slow I think..very the outside it changes, we look better we live longer but on the inside we remain same, the greed and killings and addiction to power is very much the same thru known history...

Anyways, knowing that, I wish you and yours and everyone else peaceful and joyful year :)