Thursday, December 28

the "green zone"

Update: Saddam was "given" from the US authorities today to the regime that pretends to rule in Baghdad. Within the next 72 hours he will be a dead man by hanging. An other detrimentally bad move by the occupational forces.

one of the entrances to the "Green Zone"
So here you go, arrive with a taxi from an adventurous and scary ride from Saddam (Baghdad) International Airport and you see the portals of the "green city", a compound of 5000 mostly US citizens. You sigh with relief and say to yourself "I made it"!
You stumble out of the cab and find yourself tottering towards the next hamburger joint, with onions please you mumble.
"Here you go Sir! By the way did you know that Saddam is going to be hanged on a rope in a unspecified location within the next 26 days"? ... the vendor said.
You keep munching on your burger and say: "Yes, I've heard so".But suddenly the bite of the bun grows stale. Hanging? Weren't we to export and import Democracy?

a palace that got struck by a missile instead of the dirt hole where Saddam was hiding
You see, this seems worse than Vietnam. Once the military retracted from the fields there, a handful people still were left in the US embassy of Saigon, but they got airlifted out by choppers once the climate got increasingly hot and desolate. Hey, but now you might need more than a few helicopters to evacuate the "green zone". Probably first of all a change of course in political direction would be in place. But that is very unlikely to happen, even with the House and Senate being run by the Democrats. I have lost any faith and hope in politicians. Bahhh!
But what grosses me out the most is that the US was the only country in the world applauding Saddams death sentence by hanging, everybody else was like: What the heck are you talking about, you guys are going crazy!


Ingrid said...

Ah Zee, but you know that most people outside the US know that America had a hand in creating or better put, allowing the monster that was Saddam Hussein to kill thousands and thousands of his own and Iranians (proxy war). Here, it is really not talked about.
btw..great pics and I must have been gone for a while from your site because I missed the latest change..nice look dear!
I think after my mom leaves in early January, I'll be back with more time to spare,
happy new year if I don't catch you before then!

Cym said...

I don't understand how anyone could applaud another person's death sentence. Some people say that the death penalty is cosmic justice (and whether this is true or not, I do not know) - but I certainly don't think it is very just to celebrate someone's death sentence, regardless of how evil the crimes they commited.

In my opinion, anyone who does so, is more aligned with the forces of evil, than with good. It's not like his death is going to fix anything, or bring back or help all the people who died or suffered because of him, either directly or indirectly. So, no I don't applaud his death, or anyone' just seems sick to do so.

_z. said...

I second all of the above.

I also thought that "legal" death senteces were abolished.
Do you think they will go ahead with the execution? I am not sure, I am still betting on a few life senteces... I am still considering some humanism left in this world. I think killing him would be a mistake.

I don't know, who are we to decide another person's death. If we deem ourselves better than the convict who also killed a lot of ppl, shouldn't we morally seek better punishment?

Tinkerbell said...

oh zee zee,
I hate to be so shallow..
But c'mere..
lets play in the sun and forget about all the crap in the world ..

I'm so weary.

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning..the first thing i heard was that they had hung him!!

I know he wasn't a good man ..
But it filled me with so much sadness.

talk soon ?

Zee said...

Thanks Ingrid,
but you know - I still support Democracy, democracy from within, and not depressed on from the outside.

Zee said...

Right on Cym!
Death by execution solves nothing.

Zee said...

ZeZe, may I call you this, because it is easier to type?!
So Saddam is dead now. Who will wash their hands and claim innocence?

Zee said...

I love your offer but I have to make some dow, presto!
Do you have a job for me in PR?
Probably not, that's OK. I will find something in my neck of the woods. But thank you for your offer. It might come in handy once I learned to swim again.