Wednesday, December 13

santa's voyage, Bush and VIAGRA

Usually Santa starts his journey in the Far East, it's a time zone thing. Awaiting him there are a bunch of delicious helpers (oh, that is so sexist I know ...) to get him going around the globe.
I wish Bush would follow Santa's example and get a bit more excited about his global affairs. But his procrastination about the already to start of lame "Iraq study group" makes him look like "Knecht Ruprecht", the servant of Santa, who's task is to dive down in chimneys in order to deliver goodies to kids. I wish that Bush would follow Santa's course instead of Ruprecht's, get a fabulous blow-job (like every good president should), relax a bit and pull out the troops in Iraq. But no, instead Bush is whimpering along, postponing a "new course strategy address" to the American people until 2007. What a lame man he is. Doesn't he already know - what he supposedly didn't know before? How many conferences, talks with advisors, consultations with foreign state officials does it take to convince this guy that he has lost the power to erect anything at all.
Let's face the facts and send that dumb ass cheap Viagra as a Christmas present. If only 20 million people would do so, it would send a strong message to the White House, a new kind of demonstration without getting beaten up by police on the streets. If that doesn't help, get him stuck in the chimney, turn on the fire, roast him and smoke whatever is left of his little brain.


Mone said... that you as Santa?

Zee said...

No Mone, but I wouldn't have mind ...

nazarian said...

That's one lucky Santa :)

Anonymous said...

hey santa is a girl!
I've always suspected santa to be a woman... ever since we were little kids...

perhaps things will look better if Hillary became president?

(I can't seem to be able to comment as me)