Friday, December 22

what will be constructed in 2007?

New buildings?
New bridges?
New relations?
New Peace?
New Oils?

The major maladies and sickness of human nature can't be cured by the deduction of trans-fats in restaurants, stringent smoking regulations in public places and so on ...
The root lies deeper and can't be changed or healed by outer infringements to petty little issues like this.
Probably more people got sick and died by the aftermath and the consecutive wars after 9/11 than any smoking ban or "transfat" ban (now implemented in NYC) is able to accomplish in four decades from now. There is something fundamentally wrong in a society if it excuses themselves to concentrate on issues of trans-fat and cigarettes, while simultaneously using gunfire and bombs to hunt down cheap oil.
My point being: Eat what you want, smoke what you want! If you die as a result of your own negligence, so be it! But please, don't let the government get involved to give you new "moral standards" (or healthy standards) while they are busy killing people with a wry gleam on their face.
Not very Christmassy I know.
Tomorrow I will turn on the "positive glands" (... if I'm able)


Octavian said...

I'm hoping something very new and wonderful!

Zee said...

Oh, you are vague and wonderful simultaneously Octavian!

Tinkerbell said...

I'm hoping for the best ..
But has there ever been peace ?
ever ?

I'm afraid that it's just not our true nature

reverb said...

...yes smoke but not with me by the side
so here in Uruguay this regulation is from about 10 months

is very good for ex go to a show and not stay impregnated with cigarettes smoke
that I really dont like it

-yes I understand the point about war, etc
but here we dont have a gov that make wars...

Anonymous said...

I hope you have an excellent 2007 sweet Lukas.

emeralda said...

Me too, the best wishes to you! I agree wth the uruguay guy (wow what a couple of words!) smoking doesn't apply to the 'do what you want and die if you like' policy. I really do miss smoking in bars/cafes etc but I totally agree with the non smoking policy because I have been a non smoker and I have worked in a bar and I have felt like shit smelling like an ashtray, not to speak of the second hand smoke which is more dangerous for your health, or so they say.
No matter what, it sucks to be exposed to smoke if you don't smoke and that's why the cigarette issue isn't that stupid after all.
Also, just because they are doing really fucked up things that doesn't mean that politics stopped being about the people and the protection of the community for which the politics are established.
The transfat issue isn't something that just popped up in some mayors head, it actually is a reaction to an awakening in the public (we all know the documentaries) and therefore not too bad of a thing to happen.
My point is, that if there is an awakening on the plane of health, for example, it is a good sign altogether since it is easier to push the awareness even further once it is established at a certain level.
You know, awareness is a problem. You go to a movie for example and get really inspired. A day or two later the inspiration usually fades away. The same with the G8 concert-energy.
So, if there is a restricition imposed by the political forces it creates a lengthy discussion, even the most indifferent minds get annoyed by it and that is publicity too. My hope would be, that that would lead to a broader rise of awareness.
I would be interested whether you can see my point and what you would say to counter it.
it's just a spontaneous beginning and i can't really back it up scientifically :)

happy everything


Zee said...

I know the mechanics of trans-fat and cigarette smoke - it is unhealthy crap. But there are more important issues the government "for the people" should prioritize about, and it is not happening.

Awareness Emeralda, as you stated several times - can't be raised and legislated by state mandate, that's not their job. In that respect I am a Libertarian!

If I drive down a state road, I expect that the tax dollars I have spend fixed the obnoxious pot-holes, but I don't assume that my driveway is fixed by the same token.
Same with exhaust regulations. I expect the government to regulate emissions that is commonly shared by all peoples, namely the highway. But I despise the government to regulate private business if they choose to have a smoking area, while a puff of a cigarette compares to 127 cigarettes a minute of an idling SUV parked outside.
I am all for non-smoking areas, and I am also for smoking areas!
What I am not for, is that the government decides where and what has to happen (in the Restaurant trade for example). They can put regulations on adequate ventilation - fine, why not. But increasingly but total bans on the mischievous behavior of low-bourgeois, serves nobody nothing. Neither the environment nor the people will be served.
Same with trans-fats, it's perhaps the governments duty to inform, but ban it? Give me a break! That will not rise consciousness.

I guess all what I am trying to say, is that a given government has a duty to inform citizens, but not regulate their personal life's.

Illumination is not the governments business, neither is rising awareness.

Yes, I do have a constitutional right to die by clogged arteries or failure of my heart due to smoking and trans fats ... just don't get the government involved, their kind of regulations will do only statistical advantages and not raise my awareness.