Thursday, December 7

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All day long I suffered through the Public Radio (NPR) repots, I am beaten now!
The bullshit finds new level of finesse: "We do not recommend a stay-the-course solution," said James Baker, the former secretary of state and Bush family adviser who co-chaired the (Iraq) commission with Lee Hamilton. "In our opinion, that approach is no longer viable."

DAHHH!!!! Some of us said this over three years ago. Does it need a "panel" of past cronies to come up with this conclusion - NOW????

It's too late, the food stinks of the burnt pot it was cooked in! No reversal possible. There is no panel, committee or other group of individuals who can turn back the clock in time and remove the bad taste.

Just swallow it patriots, the United States is fucked, no reversal possible. And all this blabber about pulling out combat, yes "combat troops" out of Iraq by 2008 is the biggest bullshit I heard during this saga.
Thousands of troops will remain to maintain the status quo of the empire, that you can be assured of! No committee will whisk that item off the table.

The lip-service to fire Rumsfeld, replacing him with Gates - and the bipartisan advisory panel chaired by Baker and the other guy ... are just helpless outer signs of political incompetence. Too little too late!

There is no way you can take the burnt smell and taste out of food, unless you dump it on your compost and clean the pot.
Same goes with politicians.


lindsaylobe said...

I can understand your frustration!! , remembering the USA and its allies has been engaged in Iraq for a longer period that World War 2 -- and what has been accomplished other than up to 500,000 dead, maybe the majority being innocent civilians. So the end result, secretarian violence, the manifestation of long held past hatreds and de stabilisation of the Region, with invitations to previously unlinked Al Qaeda and other terrorists to join in the conflict!! But I think Al Qaeda and Islamic jihadism is much less of an issue as Iraq looks more and more like a civil war to me. ?
Those troops remaining after the so called pull out, (if it occurs) are to continue to support and train the waring parties to do what? Train them NOT to use their weapons!! Against one another.

The Shiite-controlled Interior Ministry I understand has been involved in death squads and Maliki does not seem to be able exercise control of these elements.

Sunni leaders who wanted The US out now are fearful; --maybe even happy to see the US stay on for a while?

How the hell will the US military be able to do what there current leaders are unable to resolve, unless they take over Baghdad and attempt to run it as a democracy, which is more of embracing a political solution, backed by military intervention.

It all sounds familiar doesn’t it!!
It was (as you probably call)way back in 2003 Donald Rumsfeld, I understand rejected this idea that Baghdad would need to held under external administration to prevent increased secretarian hostilities eventuating.

The only way out now, grubby as it sounds, I think is for a reinvigorated United Nations to become involved featuring Syria and Iran joining in a political solution, then again pigs might fly!

Best wishes

Zee said...

I don't think that Syria or Iran can help Iraq ... or the US in their endeavors.
I think that "that commission" was too little too late and doesn't account for that Iraq is basically done for, if you understand what I mean by that Lindsay!
There was a slick way in, there is no slick way out.