Thursday, December 7

so you are tired of politics?

I can read the the message loud and clear - your participation on this board is on an all time low. I hear you - politics stink!
Ok, so let's go back to art, sex, drugs and rock'n roll ... or a sublime combination of all of the above.

To start this of, why don't I share a picture with you I took last summer.

So, the fine news are that a good friend in Austria send me a digital camera with a superb lens, a lens manufactured by the Leitz company in Germany, the best lens manufacturer there is. So from now on the battle between shadow and light will come easier.

Shadows and light,
shadow and light - what is it - can I really capture it now, capture who will win that battle between darkness and illumination?


Mone said...

Beautiful picture, lighting is very nicely caught, the slim body, placement of shoulders and hair are most beautiful...great for drawings too.. I love live form drawings which I haven't done for over couple of months now :( This picture can be drawn with chalks or colors..

Octavian said...

That'll get the blogosphere's attention.

Zee said...

Thanks Mone, you are very kind! Keep on drawing!!!

I am not sure Octavian - the blogshere is a temperamental beast, but thanks for stepping by anyway, Must fix a link to you and Mone one of these days.

reverb said...

...I remember that some post ago, somebody ask for nude gals, and you told him about to search je

Zee said...

Hey Reverb - how's surfing?
Yeah, Google is for instant gratification - the pics I post however bear the mark of a long and intimate journey :)

Jim said...


I stumbled in here from maison madcap, nice blog.

And yes, The Empire surely has it's tit in the ringer now...

...which reminds me to compliment you on the lovely photograph here.

There's nothing like the stunning beauty of a woman to brighten up ones morning.

Up With Beauty!!

Down With Madness!!

Zee said...

Down with madness Jim!

Gary said...

You have my attention...lovely.

_z. said...

I second mone's comment. The photo and the lighting are beautiful. very nice picture. as if from a dream.

Zee said...

... it was _Z, it was a dream