Sunday, December 3

Sunday crash

Now it happened again, 60 miles per hour wind gusts and that lame tree decides to brake of a limb right into my garden the size of a sizable tree. What a mess!
So after my stamping shouts and fits, after I eased my mind, I went out to buy a brand new chain-saw. I debated back and forth if I should go with the Germans (Stihl) or the Swedes (Husqvarna). Well, the Sthil place was closed on Saturdays so that made my decision easier ... I went with the Swedes. So far I am happy, and I additionally was told from my friends that getting parts for the Husqvarna is easier. So there. But now I spend an other $360 I don't really have since the College I used to teach shut down the arts due to low enrollment and so my winter and spring semester of teaching was cut in its entirety. Mucho dollars gone! I am looking for a job, any job. Maybe stacking shelves in WallMart, who knows - I always was eager to experience the "inside story".
I am personally not a great fan of "pet pictures" or "baby pics" on blogs or webpages, they bore me to death. What do I care about your pets and or your screaming delightful offsprings! Anyhow, I'll make an exception today to the rule of thumb and post a picture of my cat. She is Persian you know, and she is an old lady. Perhaps therefore she should take the honor and have an appearance on this blog before she dies.


Meander said...

your cat is beautiful! i am glad you posted the picture.

sorry about your garden. it is always something isn't it?

as far as jobs go i wonder if you would enjoy doing art therapy with folks who are elderly or folk with disabilities.

_z. said...

well zee. good luck on the job search. I hope you find something that will match your ambition.

eek watch the kick back of the chainsaw, I just watched an eerie CSI episode.

my regards to the lady cat. she seems serene.

my dog is getting older too. she is almost 15 now. :)

Ingrid said...

haha, saw the same CSI ep..I think we'd have to worry _z if ZEE was left handed.
your cat does seem like a chilled character (she probably favours her profile) as for your job situation, I hope that something materializes soon and that it won't be at Walmart..the inside scoop might make you more bitter... not good!!

reverb said...

...zee; see, the Husqvarna s are pretty good cross bikes!, so may be the chainsaw rocks

-that beautiful cat has style in her pose

Madcap said...

It's fabulous the way the wooden sculpture echoes the cat's face and front.

Tinkerbell said...

its a fucking cat..
( sorry ..i have two and I'm totally sick of them )
Chain saws..

I grew up having to cut wood..I loved using the sledgy thingy to split logs.

but i've always liked physical feels rewarding

Cym said...

I don't care much for "baby pics" either, but I like animals. Cat's especially I feel are aesthetically very beautiful creatures, and so I never tire of looking at pictures of them. Your cat looks like she would make a good model for a sculpture.

Zee said...

How? OK ... one at a time, thanks!

Meander - you are on the right track, I am actually thinking about doing what you suggested!

_Z. - used the chain-saw again today, it works fine, yes and I will watch out for the kick backs!
My cat is 15 as well witch makes her ancient.

Ingrid - thanks for the hugs, they are very well absorbed by now.

Reverb - the Husqvarna rocks!

Madcap - your observation is keen. 'Tis was the only reason I grabbed the camera in a hurry.

Tinkerbell (Cynnie) - the "slegy thing" is the hard part, isn't it?

Cym- my cat is of Persian decent, used to live outdoors and survived. Now she is in retirement and I actually buy catfood, something I haven't done before

nazarian said...

Look at the bright side - you'll have plenty firewood for the winter.

Zee said...

Nazarian - that is an aspect, sure!