Sunday, December 17

glued again (... and now it's concluded!)

I don't know if I like to be "tagged" in general, I don't thinks so. But this one was somewhat intriguing. It came to me by Calamity

* Rules for this tag game are:
-Grab the closest book to you
-Open Page 123
-Scroll down to the 5th sentence
-Post the next 3 sentences on your blog
-Name the book and author
-Tag 3 people

I am challenging Gary - _Z and - Sunrise to do the same!
Oh shit, I don't think Before Sunrise has a blog anymore, so let's pick Mirvat as the third contestant, but that's not going to work either, because, because ...So the REAL third person will be Cynnie!
Calamities ordeal ended up in Kamasutra and sounded like this and I just have to repost it because it is too funny or to beautiful, depending on your present mood:

Lift you thighs and straddle, so that clitoris is exposed to great stimulation while making love. While the partner (the silkworm) is devoting himself to spinning the “silk”, you (the cocoon) lay and give yourself into sexual fantasies that can help you culminate. You can, for instance, imagine that your vagina is a blossom and your spread legs are the leaves.


(picture this?!)

Mine is a bit less exciting and it goes like this:

106. There are (yet) others, held in the suspense for the command of Allah, whether He will punish them, or turn in mercy upon them, and Allah is all knowing and wise.
107. And there are those who put up a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity - to disunite the Believers - and in preparation for one who warred against Allah and His Messenger aforetime. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; but Allah declares that they are certainly liars.

Chapter: SURAH 9
Oral deliverer: MOHAMMED (messenger of the messenger of Allah)
Translation: A. YUSUF ALI
(I will post the other "tags" here for your amusement)

Cynnie came up with this:
This is true up to the energies capable of pulverizing matter into bits as small as a billionth of a billionth of a meter, the current technological limit.
For this reason, physicists call the theory of the three nongravitational forces and the three families of matter particles the standard theory, or (more often) the standard model of particle physics.
According to the standard model, just as the proton is the smallest constituent of the electromagnetic field, the strong and the weak force fields have smallest constituents as well.


Gary is reading this:

I noted the number and street name. Now, I wonder why I did this. What do I expect to gain?



...and Mirvat grabbed this book:

She liked to go shopping at night, she claimed that the groceries were tired and so made no resistance to being bought. She opened the door and Gould said hi, without taking his eyes off the television. Shatzy looked at him, don't expect much, but it would be an improvement if you at least turn it on.
AUTHOR: Alessandro Baricco.


Ingrid said...

LOL!! For a second I thought the Kamasutra one was yours! I'll wait till I get's time for bed as we've had a long weekend with late nights..
I've got my Koran too but in the other room, I keep telling myself to read it but then, like with so many other books that I have, I forget about because 'life' takes over..
nighty night Zee!

ian russell said...

i'm aghast at these two random examples - the karma sutra and the koran!

most of my books don't have 123 pages - and that's including the pictures! (most of which I haven't finished colouring in). ;o)

Zee said...

You are aghast Ian, how come?
By the way, your phonebook must have more than 123 pages :)

Zee said...

No Ingrid, Kamasutra is not mine to claim these days!
I just got a new edition of the Qur'an translated and explained by Muhammad Asad.
It has the original Arabic text, the transliteration, footnotes and of course the english translation.
It also contains the key to the transliteration system.
I believe it is the heaviest book I own (in weight)!

it said...

you had to huh?

if you want the book i can email it to you it's in slovene, but i'm sure you'll focuse more on the pics than the language :P

Zee said...

Kamasutra in Slovene - heck, I don't know ...
Your right, I would have to focus on the pictures, my slavic ancestors are four generations back and I don't understand a single word anymore.

Tinkerbell said...

I accept your tag senor zee

Gary said...

Hey, I want the Kama Sutra... but here's my entry (the only book I have with me in my hotel room...except the damn Bible in the dresser).

3 lines

I noted the number and street name. Now, I wonder why I did this. What do I expect to gain?


(It's a great novel, in spite of the 3 most boring lines being what came up.)

Segue Seoul said...

You know I'm bac--& up for the challenge!

...p123; 5 3:

"'Yes: does that leave hope for me?'
'Hope of what, sir?'
'Decidedly he has had too much wine', I thought; and I did not know what answer to make to his queer question: how could I tell whether he was capable of being transformed?'"

book: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, 1847