Saturday, December 30

what's a rope got to do, got to do with it? ... it's just a second hand emotion!

So, I predicted Saddam's death by hanging on Wednesday and that it will happen within 72 hours.
I am sorry that I was so "dead on".
But when Saddam looked in disbelief at the over-sized loop of rope that was fitted by masked volunteers around his neck, the man who helped to put it there by invading Iraq and toppling the dictator was soundly asleep at his ranch in Texas.
The feud between the House of Bush and the House of Saddam of Tikrit might be over now. Well, maybe not quite. Saddam's legacy will live on long after being buried somewhere in an unmarked grave. The violence that has erupted, even before his hanging, makes a traditional civil war look like a sandbox game. The country is in shambles and our lunatic president waits for an other few weeks to announce the "new Iraq strategy" - what a tragedy!


Ingrid said...

darlin' Zee...he wasn't just asleep at the wheel here on his ranch, he had to escape a veritable tornado near his house!! (I know what you're thinking, I'm thinking it too)
anyhoo, the tyrant is dead, long live the tyrant(s)!
good prediction, must be your age, the older you get, the more cynical and the more you recognize patterns and oh..never do I know? I'm getting old(er) too Zeester..
well, one bad guy bit the dust, isn't that a drop in the bucket?

transient said...

Howdy Zee, just thought I'd visit and say hello and perhaps learn more about other bloggers. I find the diversity of your blog topics interesting.
Well one down, thousands to go...
(blogs that is, or tyrants, whatever you thought I meant)