Monday, December 4

Monday tidings

"It's another defeat for the devil, who tries to dominate the world," Mr Chavez told cheering supporters, mocking US President George Bush after it was clear that he had won an other six year term.

* So yes, I do support Chavez's landslide win. Is he perfect, nah - not in a long shot. He is just an other politician who adores power and fame. But at least this dude has charisma and is smearing some sand dust into the machinery of stupidity of the "New World Order" Bush is subscribing to in his relentless delusions of daily affairs.

* Speaking about "empire", after Rumsfeld left, the former well versed demagogue of the Pentagon, he is now being replaced by a new elected guy who is facing an impossible job, namely sorting out the involvement of the US in the Middle East. It is an impossible task and doomed to fail because the damage already done is insurmountable . There is absolutely no possibility of "winning", a concept Bush still sticks to feveriously in his deluged mind set.

OK, so here is an answer I send to Michael Moore in response to his open letter on his website (good reading) about troop disengagement in Iraq. We'll see what he has to say, IF he responds at all. I'll keep you updated:

Dear M. Moore,

I red your passionate letter on your website Michael, about that we should get out of Iraq tonight, not tomorrow - tonight!
Actually I completely agree with you ... there is nothing to be fought "for" in Iraq, it would be the best move.
Nevertheless, I believe there were two items that triggered this war. No - oil is only indirectly part of it :)!
It was the moment when Saddam declared that he would start to convert his revenues into Euros (yeah, from oil I guess) instead of maintaining the hegemony of the US dollar connected to this kind of business, that broke the "camels back". That is reason number one.
Reason number two is that Saudi Arabia (our allies?) managed to shun us out from maintaining substantial military bases on their land.
It is reason #1 that we started the war - it is reason #2 that we can't just "walk out".
There is no way on earth that the US will disassemble its largest embassy (5000 people) in the "Green Zone" and also give up the prospect of having military bases in Iraq. It's just not going to happen.
Even if the Democrats were able to instigate a troop withdrawal (which they seem to be incapable of) I would estimate that roughly 10,000 troops would remain on a permanent mission there, securing military-bases I was speaking about.
Michael, this is not looking good. Sorry my language, but I think the "empire is fucked". This present situation can only lead to that the US is either bleeding to death, slowly but surely - or that there is going to be some kind of a revolution (from within) and the US will retract, give up it's world ambitions and start to mend things that have been in disarray for decades within its own borders.
Long story ..... short conclusion: The US will not leave Iraq (or Afghanistan for that matter) willingly, only out of necessity!

Yours, Lukas


P.S. With the new endorsement of Gates replacing Rumsfeld and the submitted "iraq report" by some congressional committee, nothing will change ...


Tinkerbell said...

How do you "win" in iraq?
How ?
they don't really want us there..they don't really want our way of living ..

ANYTIME we do leave..things will slowly ( or not so slowly) Go right back to another version of the way it was before.

So unless we're going to just take the fucking country over and make it a new state of america..
We might as well give the people that want to leave the option to get the hell out ,
and then let the rest of them figure out their own country.

Zee said...

Yep, all the discussions in committees about what to do are mute. The damage has been done!

Madcap said...

You're right - either the US drops the hot potato and changes course entirely, or it holds on and implodes. The status quo isn't an option.

Zee said...

Madcap, why don't we team up and run the US.

Madcap said...

Well, I'm pretty busy this coming weekend. How 'bout I pencil it in for the following week?

Dirk_Star said...

Good letter!

Want to see some “real” flower power?

Octavian said...

Here's how I think we win in Iraq, if we're not going to leave like I think we should:

1. Start confiscating all the weapons we can get our hands on until we make the militas angry.

2. Conduct operations against the militias and all known sunni insurgent or shiite death squad supporters we can find. Eliminate them within a 24-48 hour period. Doing it quickly is crucial.

3. Follow up the operation with a massive food and water handout program. A large scale restoration of major utilities and such, with noticable progress within a few weeks.

4. Withdrawl and replace our troops with a smaller force of UN peacekeepers and peacekeeprs from th Arab league.

5. Do this as a new election approaches. Ensure that those elected will support greater autonomy for the 3 large ethnic sections in Iraq.

I think if we really want to "win". We have to take the people I mentioned earlier out immediately. If we take them out and go on a philathropic drive all within a 72 hour period, we just might have a shot.

But like I said, I think we should leave. No matter what we do people are dying and are going to die, and we have no one to blame but ourselves for that.

Gary said...

It's all about spin now - how to portray the inevitable retreat and resulting chaos. I'm not hopeful.