Saturday, December 16


_z. said...
I like how you always (or many times) post a picture, and then a text... keeps us guessing.
with a title like "glue"... there's no telling what text we are going to have.
11:42 PM

Haider Droubi said...
i agree with _z
and want to say happy holidays ..wish y and yr family the best. 12:25 AM

Before Sunrise said...
There are some things that can't be fixed, not even with glue, no matter how hard we try, and then, there are others that are perfect just the way they are, even if broken.
Probably nothing to do with what you are going to write, but it is what came to my mind. :-)
12:40 PM

Mirvat said...
well happy holidays L., hope the new year brings you the best new job :)
6:40 PM

_z. said...
dude... this collage is so DADA.
12:20 AM

We'll all stick together - want we?


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Zee said...

Sorry guys, I moved your comments to the front-page of "glue" :)